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"Genesis" drill power supply


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My friend has a Genesis brand 18V NiCd drill, and he lost the wall wart that powers the charger adapter, does anyone happen to know what the voltage/current specs are so I can find him a replacement? He knows the drill is a piece of crap, but he'd rather have a charged piece of crap than a dead one.

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I would imagine it would be something like a 20v, 1 or less amp unregulated power supply, all you need is to locate the specs on the sticker(should be on the bottom of the charger). Almost all of them are the same center positive plug. If you can find the specs you'll be able to find one for like $6 on eBay or Amazon. If you cannot find it, he could hook up a universal laptop battery power supply to it...but it's going to be worth more than the drill if he doesn't already have it. Also look at old power supplies you have around, not cell phones but something that draws more current. Laptop power supplies are are normally 18-20v, 3.5amp so they'd work if the plug fits.


My best advice is that if money is an issue, go to a pawn shop/craigslist and buy a used drill. You can find some very good drills for cheap. If he doesn't have time to shop around, just get the Harbor Freight drill, it's not that bad for the price...Just keep in mind that recently Porter Cable reconditioned drills have been on sale for around $50(with two battries and a soft case) and that's a damn good non-professional drill. Think CPO has Dewalt impact driver/drill on sale this week for $120.

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