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Heat gun


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Got a heat gun on the welding station. And a portable one (dremel versatip, gass powered). Both works for small stuff.

For larger stuff I've got a cheap china heat gun (2kW).

But it's electric is awfull, and all the lights in the house starts blinking when it is in use (Sends a lot of electric noise into the system). And if I turn it off after use on max temp, the plastic will melt. (So you need to run it on half power before you turn it off)

Not good at all, and should probably be replaced with something nice. The metabo one looks pretty cool. :-D


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Yep, it's got seven tips. It also has a lcd display thing to adjust heat setting. I would have to look at it to know the exact model.

If your talking about the Steinel, the 2010E model has the temp display also there is the 1910E model which is the same as the first but with no temp display.

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I use my heat gun all the time. I bought it like 10 years ago for working on hockey sticks but I use it all the time for just about everything I need heat. What's incredible about it is that I only paid about $10 for it at Sears and now even the off-brand cheap heat guns are four times the price! You can barely buy the reducing tip for $10! 

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