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Dodge Ram Recall


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I worked for electric cooperative and the dodge bucket trucks had three recalls and the half tons had one for the airbags. The bucket trucks had tie rod end issues and the fuel heaters were recalled on them. Right before I went back to school they bought a 2015 gas bucket truck and it had software issues for the cylinder deactivation even though the truck didn't come with it. What was the recall on?

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So now I'm pissed! Check this shit out; and forgive my bad typing: iPhone post

After 3 days at the dealer they called me and told me the truck was finished. I go down to the dealer, ask the girl helping me why it took 3 days, she ignored me and picked up her phone. I went to the counter, paid for the over priced $350 oil & plug change, get the paperwork and head out to get my truck. The girl caught up with me and explained the reason it took 3 days was because they had to call in a heave equipment mechanic. (Ram 1500 Bighorn is heavy?) anyway, I'm pissed and about to have one of those PTSD incidents so I just jump in the truck and go home. When I got home I looked through the paperwork and noticed that the recall was NOT completed due to 'Parts not Available' .

For those who don't already know, Fiat (dodge) got in trouble from the government because they never had parts available to fix recalls. People went years with open recalls. The problem as it turns out, was not a missing nut or thread compound. Bad machining left threads undersized. Lock-tight isn't going to fix that one. This all happened around the Dodge bailout and many people blame the unions. Regardless,

I brought my truck in to get the recall fixed, I told them the recall number and made an appointment. I added the extra oil & plugs because they were due and figured they might cut me a break on labor. What actually happened: they took 3 days to change spark plugs and oil. They mislead me into thinking the shit was done so I would pay.

So, I told my wife to look into the recall. I told her I was about to lose my shit. She called the dealer and the service manager gave some BS. She left a negative Yelp review and called the recall center and they confirmed the recall is still outstanding. They even got us in touch with a local dealer who had the parts.

Shortly after the negative Yelp review the service manager calls us and 'try's' to make it right. He said he would come pick up the truck & give me a loaner car. We told him we found another dealer and the only thing he could do to make us happy is to reimburse for the other services. He said no way... So I left a bad FB review and called it a day.

You would think this journey is over, but it gets better...

I talked to FCA.. They are in charge of the buyback program. I already knew the answer to the question I was about to ask, but wanted to hear it from the source. I asked if my truck qualifies for the buyback program. ...

The answer: because of a loophole, my truck doesn't qualify.

My recall number is N43- or something like that. There are 3 recall numbers that qualify for the buyback but N43 is not one of them, HOWEVER, N08 does & N08 is pat of the N43 recall. It was during the N43 recall that Dodge found the real problem was not just a loose pinion nut. In the official docs for recall N08, it says -N08 is an extension of N43... Logically it tracks that my truck should qualify, but the lawyers rule and I lose.

What-ever. I do like my truck so I probably would not have sold it anyway.

But wait, I didn't tell you the best part.

My truck has been at the dealer for 3 days, ... Again! This time I was in communication with the dealer, he told me it was taking longer then expected. I told him to keep the truck as long as he needed, that I have an '89 YJ I can use. I told him I just wanted to make sure the recall was done right. He called today, while I was balls deep into re-wiring a bad GFCI install (6 outlets protected by a GFCI outlet, but the GFCI was @ the end not source) ... I asked how long he was going to be open. He said he was going to close soon but we could process the paperwork now and I can pick it up later as sales would still be open.

Things took a turn for the worst when he asked for my credit card,

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Holy shit that is some shady ass dealer shit right there. I would call the NTSB and say your getting dicked around with getting your recall fixed in a timely manner. I would be pissed two that the stealership is screwing you over and just wants to get paid some cash that's what the service mangers are all about. The service department is the most profitable part of the dealership. I don't think anyone works for FCA on the forum.

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funny how dealerships are, my wife has exact vehicle as my buddy's wife...a 2013 dodge caravan we have been to the dealer a couple times for little things and have had nothing but a great experience. Yet my buddy has taken his in and had nothing but grief and swears he will never buy a jug of window wash from them let alone another vehicle.

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Wow that is some fu#%ing shady sh*# man I would be super pusses bro I hope everything gets fixed cus that's some bull!! I hate dealer they're some jerks man we had a couple dudes from dealerships close or around us that we used to do work for at the shop Thank god that our boss told them all to fu#% off they are so cheap and expect top notch work for pennies and the thing is they are all the same well atleast the 10-15 we had ...

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Latest update: called the dealer about 9am. Service manager said he would look into the issues and give me a call with-in a few hours. 7 hours later... I called him, he said he got busy and forgot.

Turns out the diff is jacked and it needed new gears. He said they didn't have the 3.55 gears instock. Why don't they just give me a gear upgrade? Least they can do for all this BS.

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