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Looks like Milwaukee wants to try something new....


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Nice looking tools as are most milwaukees, to me sanders aren't like buying a drill, I have 2 porter cables that are pretty nice picked up for about 35 bucks each for a 1/4 sheet and a 5inch. It'll be interesting to see the price point.

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I have the older model 5" I don't have any problem with it and controlling it I connect my shop duster and start sanding I don't see the real difference the top looks the same where your hand would be....

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Yeah I think I remember that Jason.

As I said @Milwaukeenut, not new....improved. If they are redesigning them this will be great. I have been reading a lot of pros on the Dewalt 5" but truthfully, I'm not in the market. I've got that Bosch ROS65VCL and my Festool ES125 and RO90DX. Still, seeing Milwaukee come out with a new design to their limited sander line is nice. Maybe with the planer and these sanders there might be a router re-introduced? Do I see some foray into woodworking again? Hmmmmmmm? What seems to be new is going to be the dust collection system and the anti vibration. I'm hoping the did what Dewalt is doing or something similar to Bosch. The DC looks pretty slick too. I like the new addition of the DC nozzle for attachment to DC units. Maybe Milwaukee has finally listened to my whining? The planer looks like a real winner and these sanders could really help them out in the market too. When knows? Maybe a contractor saw? Oooooh......maybe a DC unit???????

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