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Cool idea, I wanna play too.


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I install and repair all kinds of auto accessories, but camera systems are my speciality, how I started, and my best selling installation.

I do mostly work trucks, but also cars, SUVs, RVs, heavy equipment, trailers, multiple camera systems, and even surveillance cameras occasionally on tool trailers with valuable cargo.





None of that is direct fit. I do what I can to do them affordably and still blend in well with the vehicle's trim.

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Thanks all. I've never seen anyone doing them like I do, but I'm sure people do. With winter coming I'm working on teaching myself to install remote starts.

Nice work.....was recently thinking of a back up camera for our SUV

If you decide to install yourself let me know if you have any questions. If you ever tow anything, you definitely should get one. It's also a safety issue. I got into this partly because I had a niece who was killed in an accident that a backup camera would have prevented.
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What about something that could wire into the micro USB of the phone?

I don't need a backup camera often but it would be nice for things like hitching my trailer.. I already have a nice dash mount for my phone so it got me thinking it would be nice to use the phone when I wanted it, keep the cost down and keep the clutter in the truck down

I'll take a look at the taxi brothers, thankeep you

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