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Where to buy the 2763-22


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Yeah I agree with bnear1987, Milwaukee only offers it in a 2 battery kit with 4.0 amp hour batteries. If your set on 5.0's then get the bare tool. 2763 is an older model, they may come out with an updated one this year and offer the 5.0 or even the 9.0. I have not seen anything from Milwaukee that would suggest that tho. I have so many 18 vlt. Batteries that I just got the bare tool. Works great and I love it.

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bare tool deal with 5.0ah starter kit bonus....good deal to pick up second 5.0 battery


home depot wants $429 for a 2 battery kit with 4.0ah and if you buy kit from above link and add second battery it will $329 with 2 5.0ah batteries


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Thanks for all the comments. I seen the kit at our local rural King also. But that has been a few months ago and haven't seen it since. I like the Home Depot link, cause that will give me an excuse to buy one of the new lights. I bet your right that the new kits automatically come with them now but the description on there sites are not updated. I think I will call or email a couple of the sites. Il let you guys know when I pull the trigger on it.

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I have a 4.0 for my 2763 that does great I am looking into getting another 4.0 or 5.0 but that's just to have as a back up not because my 4.0 have left me stranded just for back up because you will be amazed how long the 4.0 will last on the this beast, mine gets used daily at the shop and I have to charge maybe 1or2 time a week.

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