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Thank you Eric


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No other tool review sites keep things real and supports their community like Dan and Eric.

there aren't many websites in general that do what Eric and Dan do for the community they have created. 

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I just joined a flashlight geek forum called candlepower forums, and wow did I get a strict run site vibe after joining. I am lucky I haven't already been moderated off there. Doing my best to stay on my good behavior there, things don't fly there that fly here. So what does all this mean? It means that TIA is community of pure awesomeness and anyone here is a badass member of the crew. But remember, you don't become an ultimate badass till you reach 1000 quality posts. So get posting people, oh and buying some TIA-Gear definitely helps the cause hehe.

Doubt you got anything to worry about on candle power [emoji56]


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