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Light Duty....Doctors Orders!!!

AVS Jrod

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Hey fellas. Hope the last few weeks have been eventful. I am just jumping back on quick to keep everyone updated. Last week, I was 3 hours from home on my way back from the job site. I wasn't familiar with the area (or roads), and the weather wasn't the greatest that night either. Long story short, my dumbass was going to fast for conditions and wrecked the work van bad...totaled. I myself suffered a fractured L1 vertebrae and was taken to the University Hospital for further tests.


Long story short, I had a fusion procedure done with some pins and screws to correct my vertebrae. Recovery time on this is going to vary from 8 - 12 weeks. The other downside is that I am no longer with the AV company I was working for, however on the flipside this pushes me towards my own company just a little sooner  than expected. So the plan of action has not changed.....in the past few days my mobility is a lot better and I imagine by next week I may be able to start messing with scrap pieces in my jump into custom cabinetry and AV furniture.


Now all I need to do is go over all of my tools with a fine tooth comb and made sure they came out the of accident unscathed.


PS: I have a gnarly 6" - 7" incision and scar that somehow fit in the only bare spot on my back and left my back piece tattoo untouched.

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Hate when that happens, although you're probably kicking yourself for having been the cause of the accident. ...in my case, some jerkface teen driving around in his dad's Cherokee ran a stop sign and totalled both our vehicles, in broad daylight! I hit him so hard it ripped a wheel completely off his vehicle and flipped him on his back. Moron.

You're no longer with them because if this accident? Or another reason?

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Hey fellas, thanks for the props and the shout outs. To answer some of the general questions:

1. My fault for the accident so I am no longer with the company.

2. Doing much better in regards to both healing and pain.

3. Am still moving forward with plans to have a business of my own running within the next several years, however in the meantime I have my cable lineman experience to fallback on so it looks like I will be back to spiking poles.

4. My viewpoint on a lot has changed, I am just glad I can still be up moving around and trying to keep up with my kids.


Have a kick ass St Pattys Day people!

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