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Opinions Wanted: Brad Nailer: Cordless or Air Tool


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I am waiting for my DeWalt cordless nailer to show up, but from all my research, the DeWalt cordless is the way to go.  Even thought I do the majority of projects in the workshop, having to fire up the compressor, just to drive a few nails for a project gets to be a pain, especially because I don't use the compressor that often, so I always drain it after every use.  Plus, I plan on replacing most of the molding in the house, and having the cordless nailer is going to be a treat.



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Have some experience with these.  Everyone's needs are different.  You said it was for around the house.  As long as you have access to charged batteries, around the house cordless will be fine.


For myself, I will grab the cordless 99% of the time.  My stuff is in the trailer.  For all smaller jobs, it's a no brainer.  The other day I needed to trim out 2 doors and a small amount of base.  I can grab the cordless and get to work.  If I had used the air nailer I would have had to get out the compressor, find a plug (harder than you would think in some houses), get out the air hose and get it strung out.  After I was done, I would have had to put everything away.  I can't even describe what a time saver it is.  Now then, if you were in a workshop and the compressor and hoses are always out, then your needs are different.


As far as driving brads.  I've not found any difference between air nailer and cordless nailer.  In regards to jams, setting depth, occasionally leaving them proud, the cordless has performed exaclty the same.


For myself.  I wouldn't hesitate to get another cordless.  I don't even consider an air nailer for finish work.  For framing, I go with air, but at the rate these things are progressing, I can see a cordless framer in my future.  

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Today I had to install 4 interior doors with trim.  Never even considered a pneumatic nailer.  Used the battery nailer and the Paslode brad nailer.  I had 1 1/4" brads in the Paslode and 2" brads in the battery nailer.


I will say, I liked the Paslode slightly  better.  Just the feel of it , maybe the weight also.  Of course I had to deal with the battery and propane cartridge.  No big deal, they were both charged and ready to go.  As I type this, I realized I forgot to remove the propane cartridge, at the end of the day.  I know from experience, if you don't take out the cartridge, it will drain.  Overnight may not be a big deal, but it will happen.  


Both did great.  Both drove nails as fast as I could shoot them.  Out of 4 doors, the battery nailer left one nail about 1/16" proud.  Of course it was shooting 2" vs. the Paslode 1 1/4".  


If I had to choose, it would be the battery nailer.  It works great and I don't have to deal with propane cartridges.  Versus an air nailer, there is no comparison.  Battery all the way.

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