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  1. Welcome to the forum and the Crew.
  2. That's crazy they would send that out and advertise it as new.
  3. I like that deal. If I needed a light, i would scoop that up.
  4. Looks cool. Probably not in the USA. Those tools come in so handy.
  5. I have no idea. All most looks like it would be part of the guard system but that would be obvious if it was missing.
  6. I love my Ego stuff. I am still having a hard time deciding between the self propelled and push mower. I can't get rid of my non-self propelled mower because it has been so good to me.
  7. I have no idea especially with all the electronics in tools now-a-days. Lucky it's under warranty/. i would send it in and see what they say.
  8. That's pretty cool. Hopefully Dewalt see this and gets some ideas. Nice Job
  9. I hear, that is what sucks about cordless, who wants to jump into a new battery platform.
  10. The only place I can think is directly through the manufacturer. If they don't have it, hopefully they can direct you i the right direction.
  11. That is an awesome idea for mounting. That is the one downfall of some of these lights on the market. They are great but don't have a ton of ways to mount except for the usually keyhole and hanger. Thanks for the info, great to know.
  12. Eric - TIA


    Great question. Unfortunately Makita doesn't always do a good job spreading the word on new tools and what is in the works. I haven't heard anything.
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