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  1. Welcome to the forum and the crew.
  2. Eric - TIA


    Haven't heard any issues with their warranty. Always heard good things.
  3. LOL, it has been crazy. I miss this place. Lots of good people and cool information like what you found above.
  4. Hello Charlie, Welcome to the forum and the crew. I am not the guy to ask because I don't have a scroll saw but I am sure someone will chime in.
  5. That is pretty interesting stuff. I know a ton of guys go there and find some cool stuff. Thanks for sharing, this is good stuff.
  6. Welcome and great to have you in the forum.
  7. Sweet. Good to have you here.
  8. Welcome to the forum. That's cool about a new business. Always an adventure.
  9. Cool, thanks for the feedback. They are always fun doing and hopefully we can get them started up right away.
  10. Welcome to the forum and the crew. Not familiar with that tool, no experience. I would put a post in the OPE section and you might have better luck with people getting back to you.
  11. Welcome to the forum and the crew. you have come to the right place to get that info. A ton of people on here can help you with those questions.
  12. Welcome to the forum and the crew. If you wanna change the name to the correct spelling and can't do it from your back end, let me know and I will make the change for you.
  13. Welcome to the forum and the Crew.
  14. We are one of the shills who got that plus the new compact 6-/12". Both saws are awesome. The 7-1/4 is powerful but I still prefer the rear handle. I know a ton of people who prefer a top handle saw so it will be a good fit for those.
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