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  1. Eric - TIA


    Good to have you in the forum and welcome to the forum
  2. Welcome to the forum and Crew.
  3. Good to have you here.
  4. Sweet. I didn't think they were going to bring it out here in the states - Cool Find
  5. Great to have you aboard and in the crew.
  6. Eric - TIA


    Welcome to the forum and the crew.
  7. Bad A**. I am loving the new portable miter saws and table saws.
  8. Wow that is cool. Hopefully it comes to market and SawStop doesn't try to stop it again.
  9. Welcome to the forum and great to have you in the crew
  10. Interesting. I will have to text this and see what I get. Hopefully it wasn't just for that day.
  11. That sucks and sorry to hear you had problems with the saw.
  12. Welcome to the forum and crew. Milwaukee is a great brand and plenty to pick from.
  13. Welcome to the forum and the crew.
  14. Eric - TIA


    Haven't heard any issues with their warranty. Always heard good things.
  15. LOL, it has been crazy. I miss this place. Lots of good people and cool information like what you found above.
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