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  1. Bora Portamate

    Never heard of these guys but I am sure some might have a use for it. i have a buddy who has a woodworking shop and he makes custom cabinets and other stuff. he has a ton of big tools and is always moving them around. I am sure something like this would be helpful for someone like him. Anyone else moving stuff around their shop? I don't have any big tools, so not sure how well built these units are. Here is the announcement. Bora Portamate announces the introduction of the PM-3550, the newest addition to its universal mobile base line. A powerhouse mobile base that can hold up to 1,500 lbs with four swivel wheels and an easy-to-operate foot locking lever, the PM-3550 offers a space solution for larger power tools and equipment. Product highlights include: · Solid – Rugged contractor-grade construction · Adjustable – Simple raise and lower design adjusts base rails in 1-inch/25 mm increments · Versatile – Four swivel wheels for superior handling · Mobility - Ability to park machinery/equipment in the tightest space · Pro Grade - Holds up to 1,500 lbs
  2. Constant previous viewer, new "Member"

    Good to have you in the forum. I see you are in the Chicago area, so are we.
  3. Bessey K Body Revolution parallel clamps.

    I haven't used them either but hear good things. The new ones do seem nice. Would like to try them out.
  4. Bessey is known for their clamps. They have a new clamp out called the K Body Revolution. What do you guys think? Anyone use Bessey clamps?
  5. hola :)

    Welcome to the forum. Would have no idea where to get that board.
  6. Ego Snow Blower

    No, I haven't tried the two-stage Snow Joe. I had their single stage and thought it was great. Very lightweight, pulled through the snow and easy to use. I would like to try one out. Toro's are nice. My neighbor has one and loves it.
  7. hello from the uk

    Welcome, good to have you here
  8. Ego Snow Blower

    Cool thanks for the feedback. Yes, that's what I was wondering with the scraper bar. What a pain in the A**. Every little bump I hit, it stops the blower in its tracks and it's very annoying. Just wondering if mine was messed up or something else. Would have been nice if it would pull itself through snow instead of having to push it. I had a Snow Joe a while back and I felt like that would pull itself through the snow. Now the snow joe wouldn't throw it as far or go through as deep of snow, but it did feel easy to use.
  9. Ego Snow Blower

    I am curious. Who owns an Ego snowblower? And if so what do you like and not like about it. I have one and have been using it a ton this year so just curious to see what everyone else thinks.
  10. Brushless Ego Hedge Trimmer and more.

    It's the Carbon Fiber Shaft and the quick line reload. Thanks for the heads up.
  11. Flexvolt Mixer not coming to North America

    I am surprised they aren't releasing this in the US. I think the Milwaukee has been killing it with their mix sales.
  12. Brushless Ego Hedge Trimmer and more.

    Sweet. I am a huge fan of Ego. I think the blower has been out a while, unless they have a new one. Would like to see the bigger battery for the mower and snow blower.
  13. New Member

    Nice to have you here.
  14. Old lurker/new member

    Welcome to the forum and the crew
  15. Battery Powered Klein Tools, Powered by DeWALT

    Thumbs up. Good to see them using a mainstream battery that is good and not a no name Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk