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  1. Dewalt per usual waits for other manufacturers to create leading edge designs for them to rip from. Flexvolt was the only time in the last, what, 15 years that hasn't been the case and they've done practically nothing with it since. Who wants to own the market and take majority share when we can struggle to keep up. 🙄🤦‍♂️
  2. I'll wait for reviews but man I was hoping they'd keep it 120v for that next level power. But at least it's designed to go with the dust extractor.
  3. I'm wondering how this will compare to the Tstak.
  4. There's nothing decent about Dewalt trickle chargers. As Bremon says if it's not yellow, it's garbage.
  5. Are these the same cells as the 6ah? I'm interested in replacing some of my aging fleet of 4 and 5ah, and looking at the scale of economy I'd be getting a lot more Ah by buying the 6's at two for the price of one 8ah. Starting to look a bit like the 12ah...just isn't worth the cost in scale.
  6. Yep. I see no reason to pay the premium for the van system personally.
  7. I've put mine to the test, loaded heavy, hanging nailers off of them, etc...and they hold up just fine. Nothing bent or warped. Just installed my third row, might eventually do a 4th.
  8. ...so they throw in a 9ah, great... and then the junk charger?! Get it together Dewalt, ffs this is embarrassing. What's it take 8hrs to charge a 9 on those pieces of shit? 🙄🤦‍♂️
  9. The good is it really does hit hard as hell, probably some of the best electric performance I've ever seen (only thing better is pneumatic, but only just), but the design of the included bits depend on it having repercussion in order to keep hitting, once the concrete is fractured you no longer get any contact because it needs to bounce to make the next contact so you can't really clear out material with it. That's not a problem if you have a smaller sds hammer or a demolition digging bar to break out the fractured concrete once this thing does the initial fractures. The first one we had lasted a year, took it back to the store and they replaced it without question for a brand new one, for the money you can't compare the performance to the risk/reward.
  10. Just ordered one of these bad boys. Tired of only cutting 3 1/2in deep into block walls. Husqvarna K 3000 cut and break. Cuts 16in deep.
  11. I need a review on that ASAP if you would Jake.
  12. I cut stainless with diamond wheels.
  13. I only have two racks installed in my 6x12 thus far for a few months as I slowly plan to expand to at least 4 rows by years end. After seeing the price difference I said screw the van system and went for the wall instead that came with the "free" organizer. Thus far no issues at all and I have a few bins loaded up quite heavy. I'll try to remember to snap some pics.
  14. Found a FCC filing about the fob, two different model numbers...does that designate a geography difference or something else entirely? "Operational Description: The key fob is used to remotely turn on and off the DCV585 / DCV586 dust extractors."
  15. Nothing kills a battery faster than the 20v brushed grinder, damn thing eats batteries faster than a nascar fan drinks a PBR. And I also agree with Matt, the nailers just go forever.
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