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  1. I have one in for warranty service now. I wonder if they will replace the collars with metal ones. I hope so! When mine broke, within a week of buying it and only on my second time using it, eRepair said that the damage was "normal wear and tear" and "not covered" however, they replaced it with the metal clasps "for customer good will." Why they couldn't just say "yeah, those plastic rings were crap, our bad" is anyone's guess. Go figure.
  2. My vote is Ryobi with a side of "lock the crap out of your tools every time you turn your back."
  3. The dual doweler is also supposed to be awesome and puts the domino to shame for precision.
  4. Wow, that looks amazing. I’m generally not a huge fan of painted wood, but the finish is quite nice. What did you use to paint, brush, roller or sprayer?
  5. Ooh carvex accessory kit... don’t suppose you’d want to split them up?
  6. Officially embraced yet another battery platform, courtesy of our friendly neighborhood Festool junkie.
  7. Veritas makes an arm that you can attach to any router table that you might consider. I rather doubt that you'd be able to construct a solid router mount out of aluminum extrusions, though you could probably use it to create the arm portion.
  8. The MPower CRB7 is supposed to fit with a few minor modifications. It has lots of different attachments available in addition to the edge guide. I've got one on my Bosch and it works really well. Base http://www.m-powertools.com/CRB7-MK3-combination-router-base.htm Mods to get it working on the 5616 https://www.asiteaboutnothing.net/g_crb7-router-jig.html
  9. I like them in general, but with a few reservations. I really, really hate the fact that the tend to make the pieces move just a hair when you put the screw in. For a project a year or so ago, I was using pocket screws to attach the face frame to a shelf and the damned things kept shifting 1/32" no matter how hard I had them clamped down. This wasn't a problem when it made the frame proud of the shelf, but when it shifted the frame to be below the shelf surface, it was significantly more troublesome.
  10. This doesn't work so well on big ticket items where the serial number is printed on the packaging. I know a guy that tried this and got busted because it didn't match up. I have no idea if that was just a particularly attentive return desk person at HD, but I've never been tempted to try this out.
  11. Milwaukee makes a bit in their 11 in 1 (48-22-2113) multi-driver that is specific for that type of screw. They call it an ECX bit, but I'm not sure if that's a standard name or just something that they came up with. I happen to like it over a phillips head screwdriver for installing devices as it fits better into those oddball screw heads. Before I got it, I was always ham-fisting the terminal screws and stripping them out - especially when I had to remove one that was torqued down extra tight. I haven't tried the Klein version, but then again, I don't install electrical devices all day long, so I don't really need a dedicated driver for that type of screw.
  12. Anyone looking to pick up a 12" SCMS could do worse than the Milwaukee 6955-80. CPO has a sale going today for a recon saw for $365 with free shipping, which is a heck of a deal on an awesome saw. https://www.cpooutlets.com/factory-reconditioned-milwaukee-6955-80-12-in--dual-bevel-sliding-compound-miter-saw/milr6955-80,default,pd.html I bought one a few years ago (also recon) and it's been rock solid.
  13. Probably a good deal - but I'd also ask if he screwed with it in some way. If it was left out in the rain or dropped into the pool accidentally, I can see Dewalt not wanting to warranty it.
  14. Sorry, I misunderstood. I've forgotten to strap things down before, but it sure sounds like some dirtbag hit your gear. I really can't stand thieves.
  15. I remember when I was young, there was the half assed attempt to switch over to metric. Apparently that's why we have soda in two liter bottles.
  16. You Are Killing Me . . . Fine, be that way. Just go ahead and make me add another battery platform. *sigh*
  17. I think that I'd like the updated Rocket better with the three independent lights that can be pointed up/ down as needed. I've got the original rocket and sometimes it's difficult to get a good downward angle. You have to point it sort of downwards and then every time I turn around to face it, I get blinded. It works out much better if you can bounce the light off of the ceiling, but that isn't always an option.
  18. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it didn't sound like anyone "stole" them, but they bounced out of the back of an open tailgate. I imagine the person that found them didn't go out of their way to return them, but would that count as theft? Personally if I found them, I'd see if I couldn't track down the owner, but I'm probably in the minority there.
  19. I've got the M12 BDDX and I find myself using the offset chuck the most. One thing that the Bosch has over the BDDX is that the Bosch can chain together any of the chucks, whereas the BDDX cannot. There have been times I wished I could put the offset chuck on the end of the right angle chuck.
  20. I ran across another Makita deal from Toolnut that is seriously tempting me to pull the trigger. When you buy the XLC02R1B (bare tool vacuum), you get a starter kit (2.0 battery and charger) for free and the deal qualifies for $20 off. So that's $79 for the vacuum, battery and charger - great entry into the platform for those of us interested in some of their 18v specialty tools. https://www.toolnut.com/makita-xlc02r1b-18v-lxt-lithium-ion-compact-cordless-vacuum-kit-2-0ah.html
  21. You could probably twist my arm to take the scrub plane off of your hands.
  22. khariV

    Remember When?

    Have you ever seen what happens to an '80's era Civic in an accident? Sure, they got 46 mpg, but they were rolling death traps if you ever hit anything.
  23. khariV

    Home Depot

    Crazy deal today on the DCL070 - $149! https://www.homedepot.com/p/DEWALT-Large-Area-Jobsite-Light-DCL070/207164986
  24. As long as all of the colors are either black or red that is...
  25. From toolguyd... Black Packouts in the EU! I'd love to see these come to the US
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