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What parts need to be inspected/replaced on a used drill?


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I got myself a used,beat up Makita BHP452 from ebay for my house reno project. It works, it drills. This my first drill.... what do I need to look out for on used Hammer drill, currently they have sparks coming out of the rear cover. And it seems to be having a "braking sound" (short screeching) whenever I stop drillling, Is this normal?


I like taking care of my machines, I cant help it, especially if they serve me well.

Thanks for any tips.

If anyone want to get a used Makita in 2 months time, I'll be happy to sell. Ha ha!


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Theres an electric brake when you release the trigger which is probably what youre hearing but it should sound more like a clank than a screech but it depends how fast you release the trigger.  The sparking is probably normal but its worth pulling the back panel to check the brushes. The back panel is separate so its two screws and easy to put back on.


I dont know why you'd plan to sell it. Mine is still chugging along nicely.

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Check carbon beushes and check armature ball bearings. And when you take motor apart check yoke unit for dust or some dirt on it. Clean dust from switch with air compressor. Then check if your chuck not moving from gear assy, because its ball bearing inside and some times its need to be replaced. And clean batterie contacts for dust for good connection with batterie. If you will burn it I can buy it :)

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