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Precision Screwdriver Set


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Looking for a precision screwdriver set. One with Hex, Phillips, Standard, Torx. From very small, say Square #1 and Torx #4 on up.


It would be nice if it had a ratcheting screwdriver as well. Looking form something pretty good quality, to last a long time. I have a set from Husky, but doesn't go small enough and kinda cheapo.


This is mainly for pocket knife repair, or things like eye glasses, watches, electronics etc...

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I use one of these at work, really nice set, has some fairly tiny drivers. Titan 16092 Precision Ratcheting Screwdriver


I use a couple of Husky sets at home, both were around $6. They have a Torx set and a Philips-Screwdriver-Set. I use these on my knives, computer stuff like hard drives, and anything else that requires smaller drivers, and I like them a lot.

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If the price is not important, then I definitely recommend the iFixit Pro Tech 87 in 1 Toolkit.

S2 steel bits and a lot of auxiliary tools for repairing small items — that's a good point.


If you do not want to overpay, then you should look at the set from Royace. It's 119 in 1 screwdriver kit has vast array of CR-V bits and ratchet screwdriver.


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New Wiha ones are a bit risky, as they might be manufactured in Vietnam and not Germany anymore, It does not look like Felo makes their products outside Germany and some in US, so Felo is more trustable. I think we should not expect to see German made screwdrivers and screwdriver bits by 2025 at all as Germans see these as very basic products for German industry and it does not make the money they expect :) 

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