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New Branding At Harbor Freight


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Got the HF ad in the mail today. Looking through it, it appears they've made some changes to their branding scheme.


In addition to their same ol' same ol' I noticed these:


Maddox: Automotive Specialty Tools

Diablo: Air Hoses

Admiral: Saw Blades

Daytona: Jacks

Viking: Battery Chargers/Starters

Grants: Care Care Supplies

Vanguard: Extension Cords

Vulcan: Welding Cart (A very nice one I will add)

Drummond: Water Transfer Pumps

Union: Safes (appears to be a premium alternative to Bunker Hill)


There are probably others I didn't notice. Between this and the attacks on brands like Snap-On, I wonder what the ultimate goal is?

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Looked though the ad today but i guess i don't pay much attention to their branding, but i did notice a bunch of different saw blades they've never had, i think they are trying to not look like they are as cheap as they are, I mean its 2017, all the cool kids have colored saw blades

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I really don't have a problem with the cheap ass tools. Cheap alternatives is where HF made their niche, but it would be nice to have a better alternative.


Right now they typically have a cheap option and a useless offering, but if they had a cheap option and maybe something in the mid range, I could get into their stuff a lot more. Their stuff has gotten better over the last few years though, I will give them that.

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