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Dewalt Flexvolt Circular Saw 60V - oztooltalk review


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Damn. I'm really quite happy with my 2731, and disappointed by the lack of a rafter hook on this unit but the power doesn't lie. You guys make it hard to keep the money in my wallet sometimes lol. Really nice saw, and thanks for pointing out the bevel stops, I had no idea it had those. That sounds very handy. Thanks for the great review Dwain, you and Mike never fail to inform and entertain. 

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Another great review guys! But I'm with Bremon on this one...really disappointed with the lack of a rafter hook. With circular saws I am mostly corded on the ground, but grab my 2731 when I am walking the framing and up in the rafters. Big oversight. Nonetheless, being a past RC guy(we were using brushless and lithium tech years before anyone else) higher voltage equates to more power and higher efficiency due to lower current. So I am all for this platform,  hope they keep innovating in this area.

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1 minute ago, Bremon said:

The most appealing part of this saw to me is that it's easy to get the vacuum adapter for it without being a power tool millwright like @KnarlyCarl lol. Do I need a second circ? Probably not, especially with the FV track saw on the way but the more the merrier!

LOL ya man, that was a fun little project, not too challenging. This really has gave me a much different perspective on dust collection, and why it's so nice having it, especially if the vacuum is handy. I wouldn't use it on a new job out in the open cutting pine, or solid wood. But I think it's really beneficial cutting osb or pre-existing floorboards like I did last week, or old painted wood that likely has lead paint, things like inside a house or shop, etc. From what it sounds like, i think i'll be very happy with the dust collection on the Pro5 sander when it comes, and i've taken note, to dial down the suction, too.


Anyways, the 54v DeWalt saw is a beast for sure, I would love to have one if not for having a large collection of red already, I tried it when working for one of the contractors around here, and I like hearing the base being more solid (I didn't get a chance to look at it extremely close) but the lack of hook is a no go, I love having hooks and clips on tools. The DeWalt is also much heavier, too, which might be nicer keeping it on track, but also lose the appeal that cordless tools bring to our lives, because I love the portability of cordless, and heavier does not make it so... Food for thought.

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On 2/19/2017 at 9:59 AM, tpamatmat said:

Just wondering if DeWalt sent you their new 60V tracksaw? Would definitely be interested in that review.


they will be soon. Just released in Australia.

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