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Brushless Belt Sander!


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just need a hoseless vacuum

I have the RIDGID branded one the dust bag is actually very good, the sander does an awesome job of collecting it’s own dust, I don’t generally use it with a vac.

I love the belt sander it’s a 3x18 belt, really to take advantage of it I recommend the 5.0 battery if you guys have them

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I don't have one, but i've thought about it every trip to Home Depot lol. there are certain tools that i tend to keep corded vs battery powered, but they seem to keep getting better and better, especially with the brushless motors, batts getting better, etc. i bought an 18V chipping hammer to remove some tile (my corded one broke a few months ago) and needed one for a job, so i bought the ridgid one. i didn't expect it to be very powerful let alone last a decent time on my 5.0aH batts, but it was the exact opposite for both of those things! it's pretty powerful and lasted WAY longer than i expected. so if the sanders are anything like that, which i'm sure they are, they probably are pretty good too. i may eventually pick one up, as well as the 18v orbital (5" i think) sander.


off topic, but a while back i started looking into AEG too, pretty cool. i can't seem to find anywhere online to buy them though (i'm in the US). i saw a few "limited" edition AEG 18v drills that i would LOVE to have, they were like inverted colors and looked pretty darn cool. if that's anything you can help with (as far as me getting AEG in the US) let me know/PM me!

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One of my local HDs has the belt sander on clearance for $105.  If one is left after my bank account recovers I'll probably pick it up next month.


As an aside, one of the stores I stopped in on the way north (Charlotte, I believe) had a couple of them on clearance as well.  An older man was looking at one with his grandson, telling the kid that if they go unsold long enough they'll drop way down in price.  I guess HDs clearance policies are no secret.

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