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Dewalt Rotary Laser Level DW079L


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Hey everybody, I am a long time lurker, have replied a few times but this is my first new topic I think. I am calling on anyone that has one of these new rotary laser levels from Dewalt. I will start out by saying this unit is built like a tank, no doubt. I am very impressed with how robust the whole thing is. However I am having a hard time with how it attaches to a tripod. I watched lots of videos of it before purchasing the laser level and I knew it used a clip in order to thread onto a tripod, but it does not attach securely onto the tripod at all. I have used other laser levels and my use is mainly outdoor residential construction and 99% of it includes using a tripod. I believed that this laser level was aimed directly at that use. I want to know if others have faced this as well. To me it is completely unacceptable, and I can't believe Dewalt released it as it is. Every other laser level I have used threads directly onto the tripod and is attached very securely. Just to be clear when you thread the Dewalt onto the tripod, the clip is attached very securely to the tripod, but the actual laser level is not so much securely attached to the clip. I can wiggle the whole unit on the tripod quite a bit. So what are other people's thoughts on this laser level? I have the DW079LR, red laser but I believe all the rotary laser levels attach the same way. If anyone was considering buying this guy, awesome laser if you have no intentions of using a tripod(it attaches the same way to the wall bracket and also very wiggly on the wall bracket). If you are like me and need a laser level for mostly outdoor tripod work, I can't recommend this. I am very disappointed because laser level is awesome, very weather proof, looks like it can take a tumble, and it uses the Dewalt batteries I already have. Needles to say, this guy is going back. To add insult to injury, the laser level electronics are not functioning properly either, it doesn't turn on or off properly. Not the biggest deal, I was going to exchange it for a new one but now it is just going back. I hope to hear from others, have a good one!   

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Haven’t heard of any problems with the same laser in green . I assume it’s the same only the color of the beam is different. Did yours come in a Tstak box ? There are a few reviews on YT using it on a tripod, it is maybe the most accurate and toughest laser available......there should be no problem even if it wobbles it can withstand being in a dryer and still self level.....

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Haven't knew about any issues with a similar laser in green . I accept that it's a similar just the shade of the pillar is unique. Did yours arrive in a Tstak box ? There are a couple of audits on YT utilizing it on a mount, it is perhaps the most precise and hardest laser available.. there should be no issue regardless of whether it wobbles it can withstand being in a dryer and still self level.

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