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Recommended 12v Max Tools


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What do you all recommend as "must have" Bosch 12v Max tools?  I have much of DeWalt's 20v Max line, some high demand M18 Fuel tools, a few Ridgid 18v offerings that aren't yet offered by DeWalt or Milwaukee, and some older tools, but I want to supplement the 18v class tools with 12v offerings.


As of now, I'm fairly certain that an impact driver will be added.  My Porter Cable 12v Max drill and driver combo are outstanding, so I expect that their Bosch counterparts will prove even more useful.  A compact reciprocating saw may prove useful, but is the Bosch much better than the DeWalt 12v?


What are your recommendations?  I am an avid DIY'er who does everything from vehicle repairs, to remodeling/home repair, to electrical and small wood projects.  While my current job precludes me taking on many projects now, I expect that next year will see these tool purchases paying off.

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Barrel Grip Jigsaw if you need one, The OMT looks nice however it's not a quick change Starlock like you would expect. It supports Starlock but requires a hex wrench to change attachments. I'm still trying to figure out if I want to buy it or a Fein, it does have the benefit of being brushless.

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@overanalyze.... most  guys on the forum are m12guys .....I have a couple m12 tools..but I have the same list you just said in my cart ready to pull the trigger....I’ve reviewed a million videos and the Bosch 12v Tools look badass and perform at the top. Not the highest rpm or torque but quality , weight, size seam to be in the Bosch camp.........didn’t know that new vac was out yet ? And the planer and router look sick ;).........

     do you have the new “ec “ cordless stuff ?

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