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I love my DeWalt stuff, but...


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14 hours ago, DR99 said:

I can't believe they didn't make it a hybrid, but I imagine they had to engineer to a price point.


While I agree that it was probably designed to meet a price point, I'm sure some thought was given as to battery sales.  People who buy this to use with those 1.5Ah batteries they got in a kit will be more likely to upgrade to larger packs, while those who like the design but who have no Ryobi tools will have to buy a battery and charger.


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Haven't had the opportunity to put it through its paces @Framer joe but it's advertised as having 80 CFM. The Ridgid 6 gallon vac has 62 CFM, the 9 gallon has 70 CFM. This is replacing an older Ridgid 6 gallon vac I had that was plenty powerful. So I would say just based on that it could be categorized as great. I'm tearing out some siding tomorrow and will have a chance to use it. I'll shoot a video.

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6 hours ago, Framer joe said:

Thanks @Moze....let us know...wow sounds very powerful.......I’m a Dewalt guy but every tool Dewalt didn’t make Ryobi did....so I have a bunch...


I'm probably going to jump onboard in the next couple of months.  I'm giving my PC 18v stuff to a friend, so I'll need another inflator.  The glue gun also looks nice.  Just about everything else I already have in Yellow, Red, or Orange, though.

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