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Bosch coolpack 4ah batteries :)


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LOL I was still dressed for upon them there hills. We drove about 16 miles down into the nicer weather at lower level to shoot the video.


That was a very tough and heavy lump of stone by the way. The drill bit was at least 2 years old so the Bosch did very very well.   :)

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Great video Wayne. The coolpacks look like the real deal. Can we anticipate more to come from Neil and Wayne? Perhaps you could drag Neil over to the forum?

If we get a few likes on you tube then the tool companies will start to take notice and it will be easier to do a like for like series of tests and have a bit of fun across the pond with more video that hands back and forth between us  :)

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Many of us Brits suffer with the landslide facial hair problem in short looking like the ground gave way under your fringe and it collapsed to your upper lip and chin to form a Mustache /beard combo leaving behind a wasteland where once there was a proudly swept back fringe.


Then you have me who went for the Uncle Fester meets Chucky look ( this scares workmates who feel intimidated when I hold power tools LOL  )


Let us hope that we both scrub up a little better for future videos as Angelina and Madonna have both tried to adopt me in recent weeks, and Yellowstone have been on the phone asking if they can have they're missing raccoon back.   :)

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