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I'm curious everyone’s opinions of Dewalt drill and impact bits, blades, pretty much all consumable items.


I really like their steel twist countersink bits, and I’ve seen plenty of finish guys use them as well. I generally avoid their impact bits in favor of Milwaukee.


I like Dewalt blades enough but there really isn’t any reason not to use Diablo for the same money imo. The sawzall blades are good for the price point, and I’ve never tried the jig blades since it’s so easy to find a sale Bosch set. The multi master blades are overpriced for what they offer imo. 


Ive been curious about trying out their right angle impact attachment, but those always break... any experiences with it? 

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If you can buy them at Home Depot, they are pretty close overall.
The second gen Milwaukee are no better or worse than the second gen DeWalt.
The Makita is about the same.

The only bits I found to really stand up to "electrician" abuse are Wera Impaktor and Hilti.
By that I mean bit rounding off, chipping, corrosion and overall improper use.

That said, I can honestly say that the price of Bosch, DeWalt, Makita and Milwaukee is significantly cheaper and for what you pay, it doesn't make sense to buy the more expensive stuff.

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Walter grinding discs.

Milwaukee Sawzall blades.

Bosch or Makita impact bits.

Bosch jigsaw blades. 

Diablo and CMT saw blades.


I’ll use Dewalt saw blades in a pinch if they’re cheap enough but Dewalt accessories don’t have much of a place in my arsenal. 

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We use a lot of 6in metal sawzall blades.  We had always used dewalt blades but about the time we started buying milwaukee tools we had our supplier ship out some milwaukee blades.  Now these weren't the torch blades or anything but we were going through the milwaukee blades about twice as fast as the dewalts and at that time the dewalt blades were cheaper so we went back to dewalt.

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I like my flextorq impact bits. The kit I got was a good all around kit. Had most of everything covered. I got one of the newer Bosch kits which I felt were a bit better. Only downside is it did not come with any flat bits. I also got a 3 piece countersink set that did the job and a small drill bit set that also does the job. I wouldn't say they are anything special but I don't have much better to compare them too. I have the impact rated right angle adapter which does the job. Better for light duty stuff. I have used some recip blades which were average at best. I haven't really used any other DeWALT bits/blades apart from the stuff that came with a tool. I feel like DeWALT in some areas doesn't have as many options as other brands.

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DeWalt pilot point drill bits and my bandsaw blades

Diablo for recips and circ saw blades, and lately even grinder cutoffs as I've had a run of off balance wheels from metabo

Greenlee for hole saws, carbide and bimetal

Makita impactx for impact bits, new but I'm in love with their durability

Hilti for rotohammer bits

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On 6/10/2018 at 4:35 PM, Hugh Jass said:




On 6/10/2018 at 4:12 PM, JakeDewalt said:

Dewalt a Countersink Bits are the GOAT!!!!!!

Of the countersink bits I have used, the DeWALT ones have seemed like some of the better ones.

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