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Review of Dewalt 12v Max Pivoting Reciprocating Saw


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Great video Chase. Dewalt has me scratching my head a bit. The DCB101 charger that comes with the 20V tools charges both 20V and 12V tools, but the DCB100 that comes with the 12V only charges 12V. Why the hell not just put a DCB101 in all the kits? The only logic I can come up with is that the DCB100 is cheaper to produce giving Dewalt a few extra pennies in their pocket. 

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The only thing I can think of is 12v charger is smaller and the 12v max was out before 20v max tools, but you would think economy of scale would make dewalt think on just having one charger. Also they should have a multi battery charger out now they have the one that does the old plug and the new packs, but don't have one that won't charge more than one 20v max pack.

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No tool that comes with only one battery can be called professional it is just madness unless that battery will do a 12hr shift none stop which is very unlikely.

Great review again     :)


I understand your logic Wayne, but look at it like this. For those of us that buy into a system, it's nice to be able to get the tool at a more affordable price when you have a ton of batteries anyway. If I have 6 M12 batteries already that are sufficient for my needs, why do I want to have to pay an extra $50 to get a tool I need, with an additional battery that I don't? If I have 6 batteries already I can buy the bare tool, but if I need the kit because of the impact the new tool will have on my current battery situation, I can do so at a more favorable price point. I can get a kit with a battery, charger, and case, at a cheaper price, but if I really need the 2nd battery I can always pick up an extra. 


The solution is this easy: Include a coupon for 25% off an additional battery in every kit that comes with a single pack. That accommodates the guy that needs the kit at a cheaper price, while still allowing the guy that needs 2 packs to realize a savings by buying the kit as if it had come with 2. 

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I must admit given the choice 2 batteries or one I have gone for 2 then when I have enough batteries I buy the bare tool of anything else that I want.   :)

Thats exactly how I feel.


I picked one of these up at the local tool store and it seems sturdy. It seems to have some serious nut. It just felt awkward compared to Milwaukee's 12v. I almost wish that I went with Milwaukee for their M18 line just since I like that "hackzall" design so much. 

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