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New Dewalt DCF899P1 Impact Wrench


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Tried to use it to break free a bolt that is only torqued down to 250 ft/lbs.  The DeWalt couldn't didn't budge it.  The battery is fully charged, I set the wrench on "3."  I can't figure out why it didn't work.  I got a smaller bolt out - as far as I can tell the tool is in good working order.  It doesn't appear to be a counterfeit, at least it looks like the picture on DeWalt's website.  It's heavy, and came with a light oily residue on it which I took to indicate being new.  The box was unopened.  Everything looks right, it just isn't doing the job I bought it for.  I'm using it with a 10" impact extension, if that makes a difference.  What could the problem be?

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More than likely the extension has something to do with it like framer said. Another thing to look at would be what battery you're using.  If you're using a compact battery you won't get the full power of the impact.  Also if it was torqued to 250ft/lbs and has sat and corroded it will take more than 250ft/lbs to remove it although i would think the dcf899 would still have enough extra torque to do it.  But if you have all three of these things fighting you I could see it possibly having trouble.

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