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Well, I invested in the ToughSystem 2.0 stack from Home Depot, along with a couple of half-width organizers.  It seems well-thought out, trying to maintain backwards compatibility with the older ToughSystem while addressing some of the shortcomings 1.0 had when compared to Packout.  I'll be using the heck out of this in the coming months and hope it impresses.


Since I'm good on modular storage, I'm gifting some of my older ToughSystem components forward to a good friend.  He's been struggling to find employment so he's been doing a lot of handyman work.  He also has a house to renovate while he's living there, and I promised him one of my spare ToughSystem Music+Chargers a few years ago.  Rather than giving him the radio by itself, I figure I'll outfit a ToughSystem stack with some hardware, tools, and a couple of batteries for the radio.  


Anyway, now's the time if you want to invest in some modular tool storage.  Ridgid, ToughSystem, and Packout are all at the lowest prices you'll probably find them, and I would recommend any of the three if they fit your needs.

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1 hour ago, Eric - TIA said:

I saw a stack at my HD, I think your right about making the investment now.  There was just another thread talking about people using bags mostly.  It's an interesting topic to see what people prefer, bags or boxes.


I think that both bags and modular boxes have their places.  I lucked out a few years ago and found a Milwaukee rolling tool bag for just over $40; when I went back to pick up the other two a day later they were gone.  I like using that bag for small-ish jobs where I can fit everything in the bag, hand carried bags for other jobs, and my tool boxes for when I need to carry more tools and/or desire some level of weatherproofing.  


When I get my tools organized again, I'll primarily use my modular storage over bags.  A few years ago, when I had the project house, I had my tools organized by type.  Electrical was kept in a couple of electrician-styles bags stored in a ToughSystem DS450, plumbing tools were in a 13" Milwaukee jobsite box, sign-making tools (Ridgid cordless routers w/batteries, paint, etc.) were in a DeWalt rolling toolbox, and so on.  Once I added ToughSystem to complement my Ridgid system, I turned a DS450 into a drywall tool kit, kept a DS300 loaded with basic tools (hammer, tape measure, level, square, etc.), and used a DS130 for batteries.  I also kept most of my tools in the bottom Ridgid box.  


Now, I think I have enough storage and tools to dedicated a particular brand to each type of job and brand of tools.  I'll likely match the tools to the boxes and create dedicated boxes for the type of job: low-voltage, residential electrical, plumbing, drywall, rough carpentry, and so on.  I'll probably also use the smaller tool bags inside the boxes for even more convenience when doing random jobs or helping out friends and neighbors.  It's nice having so many choices, but it's also addictive trying to keep up with the latest and greatest.

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My shortcomings with Packout have pretty much been resolved during the pipeline. Drawers and wall racks were what I was missing. It might be enough to make me switch but I probably won't consider it until I get a new shop space. I'd like to see customizability features like Tanos has. How cool would it be to option out the other boxes with the white lids from the cooler or have a blackout with red lids. Maybe a red packout with the red handles from the blackout boxes or blackout with black handles from the red boxes. These would just be Milwaukee specific colors but Tanos doesn't limit their boxes to the Tanos grey/blue color scheme. They have many other colors too which I could see Milwaukee offering. For a small fee, companies who want quality storage for their tools can partner with Milwaukee to do do the custom storage. I think the company partnering with Milwaukee, Milwaukee themselves, and the end user would all benefit from this offering.

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