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I have a mixed bag of projects below...but can all be summed up as "SHED".



Bobcat quickie:


Shed Projects:


I need to get my own Miter Saw, Air Compressor (and build storage for it), clean and organize my left over inherited tools, add some retractable extension cord...any other ideas???!!!

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Nicholas, I intend to get a 6 gallon pancake. I will probably build a cart for it as storage, and mount a retractable hose to the cart. I would love to have it closed in noise proof foam! Even the little ones are loud.


Chase, I purchased the 2696-22CT Combo pack - 2601 1/2" Driver Drill, and 2625 Hackzall. It came with 2 M18 Red Lithium batteries, charger, and tool bag.....all for $159 @ Home Depot....I can't believe it.




I know the 2601 Driver isn't the best rated drill, but it beats my 195LB. torque 12V Nextec Craftsman! 2601 comes with 425LB. torque.


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Thats a great starter kit there, gives you a very good drill, and a good hackzall, with the batteries..now you can start buying bare tools to increase your tools and save money since you have 2 batteries and a charger....But good choice, M18 imo is the best line out right now for the USA.


Edit: That drill is one of the best "brushed" compact 18v drills available, i believe Harold and conductor both have the drill, and i have the Fuel hammer version and we all love them. I may just buy this kit, i like that hackzall so i will keep that and i can sell the drill and batteries and charger for almost what i payed. Also you got the nice multi port charger. Thats a good buy you made.

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DJ, that's a really good kit that will serve you very well. I've used the Hackzall on an electric instal in a chicken coop during a really cold winter day and the batteries did great and the saw cut like a hot knife in butter.the drill is a solid performer and will serve you well for years to come and it is powerful enough for most tasks and is a tried and true design. I'm in agreement with Conductor too, the smaller compressor might be the right thing for you. It'll run most of the power tools you'll use not to mention inflate tires. I have a 3 gal that does quite a bit for me.

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