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Bosch RHH181 SDS Rotary Hammer video review


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What is the difference between the 181 and the 182?


...the 182 doesn't exist...? :)


The 180 is the older model. It doesn't have the chipping feature. I think that's the only difference. Well, I think it also comes with the older lithium batteries.


That's cool you got the Bosch brushless. It looks so light. That's a good price for $389. Amazing how quick it drills the larger holes. Good video



Thanks, yeah the price was really good. 

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They released this unit this year but the bummer is they didn't release it as a brushless tool for some reason. It's the same thing with Milwaukee's oscillating mutl-tool why did they release a brushed version? I guess it might have been the quickest way to get in into production and out to retailers in a reasonable amount of time? Dewalt had their brushless unit out before Milwaukee when it came to multi-tools. Like the earier Bosch version it lacks a chipping feature that's pretty lame if I'm spending a ton of money on a SDS drill I want to have some sort of chipping function.

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I bought a Bosch RHH181 last week. I had initially bought the Milwaukee M12 fuel rotary hammer, but after about 4 weeks trying to like it in work, I found it too slow at drilling.

I liked the look of the bosch, and it seemed a great performer from reading and watching videos about it.

I demoed it against the Makita brushless model, but preferred the bosch, and it was faster.

The Bosch eats through concrete. Great drill.

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