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Will all 18v dewalt batteries work in all 18v dewalt tools?

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Hi all -

I just found this site thanks to the very nice battery comparison on you tube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ro-RWJXI-eU. Simple question. I have a set of dewalt tools that came with an 18v DC9099 nicad battery, and I need to get more batteries. I can't find the DC9099 in stores anywhere - and it wasn't clear if I could replace that with a DC9096 (also a nicad) or the DC9180 (lion) batteries.

If the DC9096 does work with my tools, will my existing charger (DW9116 - 1 hour NiCad charger) be sufficent or do I need to get another charger?

If I went with the DC9180's - I'm thinking I would need a new charger, yes?

If this is even possible - should I consider another battery entirely?? I typically use this stuff around the house on increasingly complex projects. For example, I'm about to re-do our bathroom next month - so they'll be getting used more heavily in the near term. Thanks very much for the help.

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All of Dewalt 18v tools will work with any 18v Dewalt battery. (with some exceptions) If you invest in lithium batteries, you will need a new charger. Once you get the Dewalt DC9310 charger, it will charge Lithium, NiCd, or NiMH batteries.

Ummm..... he said (with some exceptions)

Let me clarify.

The DC9180 NANO batteries are compatible with any of the 250 18v cordless tools DEWALT has introduced except for the following:

DC212  -SDS Hammerdrill

DW908 -Pivoting Head Flashlight

DC527  -Fluorescent Area Light

DC500  -Corded\Cordless Vacuum

DW073  -Manual Leveling Rotary Laser

If you have one of these tools please contact the nearest DEWALT Factory service center for information on how to have your tool retrofitted for this new battery. To find your nearest DEWALT Factory service center use our DEWALT Service Center Locator

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I don't understand why you haw problem with repairing your tools in Poland.If it is cordless tools no problem,if it is power tools then depend on the voltage.I repair tools for DE Walt and Black&Decker in Bosnia and Herzegovina and haw a loot of tools from USA.All so,after the war in Peace capping forces is some USA solders and they bring tools from USA.I also haw DE 9135 charger and charging all DE WALT and old Black&Decker batteries with no problem.Somme time i have problem with sliding battery's of Black&Decker because hire is 3 pins on top,and sometimes I receive with 2 pins on top.

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Ok, taking my words back..

The guys here were AMAZING.

Got it back within a week with the brand new body.

The whole yellow part of the drll including the SDS rubber cover was new and the insides cleaned.

And by the way - DC213 is one hell of a performer.

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in regards to the comment about the service center retrofitting for free...went there today...and they said they charge for it, you pay for the new clamshell and $20 installation.  I had 4 tools ready to go so that was a bummer.  BUT on the other hand i had a dc9181 and a dc9180 battery replaced under warranty they just grabbed a new set of sealed ones off the shelf and exchanged it for me. 

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