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Tough System Question/Inquiry


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Hey DeWalt guys, will you PLEASE make some drawer/box inserts for use out here in the real world? I ( like many others i know that have you ToughSystem boxs ) have got to be able to keep our tools from slip sliding all over the damn box's, come on toss s a bone here. The foam stuff you pluck out sucks, it gets wet and mushy and stinky, the drawer liner for roll around's and shelves dont even last a week, breaks down and moves all over the place, then you try carpet pieces and it gets all balled up in front or back of the box and wet and stinky. You built us a great box and then dropped the ball,we need more ;).

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I 2nd this motion. Dewalt used to sell a drill/impact combo in a TS case with a molded liner. Sell the liner!




Other TS suggestions:


Small case without the bins. I have 49 bins laying around my shop. Sell a small case without bins and the hinged inside cover and drop the price a few bucks.


Storage rack. A cart without thewheels. 5' high or so.

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The magical google search term you are looking for is "5S foam". The 5S/ Kaizen process has it's ties to post WW II Japan. the 5S' are (in English equivalent):

1. Sort- remove unnecessary items from work area

2. Set in order- customize work area to improve efficiency

3. Shine- clean work area and tools

4. Standardize- create a consistent workflow and processes

5. Sustain- sustain the improvements


Any number of companies manufacture or sell closed cell (closed is better because it wont absorb spills) foam for the intended purpose. A few companies include:


www.toolfoam.com (Cascade Tool and Foam)



I am sorry I couldn't insert links to their pages, but every time I try to use the link function it opens a little window and it doesn't work for me, I literally have to shut down internet explorer to close it.


You can look on YouTube and find plenty of videos concerning to create the foam inserts for whatever tool box you want. after a little bit you will find out, that by creating your own inserts to meet your own needs, it is better than DeWalt creating one insert and attempting to meet everyone's needs/ expectations. For example, I may want to store the drill and several drill bit sets in one drawer of the ToughSystem 2 drawer box and put the impact driver and it's bits in the second drawer. other folks might prefer to put the drill and driver into the same drawer and all the bits and accessories in the second drawer or I might use a different combination of tools that other folks might not use.    


Personally I like the Cascade Tool and Foam brand foam, they have a guide on how to use a heat gun to adhere multiple layers together, that is why I included them. The other brands come as kits to make it really easy to outfit a toolbox. I do wish that DeWalt had come out with a kit for each of the boxes with an insert cut to fit the box, but then there might be issues with how thick the foam needed to be to secure different tools.. 

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Everyone uses different tools, do you make it fit the dcd995 or dcd985 for example. It would be a huge undertaking to make inserts for every drill/tool combo, not to mention all of the battery sizes. That is probably why you won't see this unless it's a special kit like the TS case that Monju123 mentioned. 

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I can see where someone would think I was suggesting an insert for each tool, I was suggesting an insert cut to fit the shape of the drawers or boxes, where the user cut the insert to fit the tool or tools. I know they have one for one of the TSTAKs with the pluck type foam, but I don't know if it is open or closed cell. That piece doesn't matter to me anyway since all I have is ToughSystem boxes and drawer units.

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I know Dewalt or any of the tool companies can't justify the cost  in making a mold for every tool and possible battery combinations for Tstacks or Toughboxes. It might be nice little side business for some one.

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