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Your choice in foot protection


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What is your brand of work boots/safety toe boots? Pros? Cons? I personally use Caterpillar 2nd shift steel toe boots. Work perfect for what I do they take a thrashing every day how ever I've had them for 3 months and the Comfort aspect of them has gone away. Nothing Dr scholls can't fix! They're very affordable too 

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We had a pretty extensive thread on this a year or so ago.

I've tried them all. I like Red Wings, but they do have some cheaper, Chinese, models that aren't too good.

Timberland Pro are great boots. The most comfortable boots out of the box you can buy. They don't last quite as long as Red Wings, but they don't cost Red Wing prices either.

I've grown fond of Doc Martin's over the last couple of years. They're very comfortable and seem to wear a little better than Timberland.

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If you wear boots every day, and can justify the expense, I would recommend Nicks or Whites boots, I prefer Nicks. For the custom fit boots they send a sheet to trace your feet on and put different foot and leg measurements on. You can order lots of styles, safety toes and up to 16" uppers on the lineman boots iirc. Nicks are 100% American handmade in Spokane Wa. Being handmade there is up to a 4 month wait and they're more expensive than most boots.

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Timberland Pro series has been my best bet, for the first week when you are still breaking in the "custom fit cushion" they feel weird but after that they are super comfortable... also I put a red wing toe boot guard on to avoid the steel from revealing itself.

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