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Metabo Drill-Driver Question


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I really like the Metabo grinders that I've used, for a long time at work, all of time corded. A while back I got a Metabo #W 18 LTX 115, 18 volt cordless angle grinder, aside for the difference in balance between the corded models and the cordless ones, it works very well. I'm probably going to be in the market for a cordless electric drill/driver, as I would like to standardize on batteries, does any one have the Metabo cordless drill that uses the "18 V Li-Power Extreme" battery system? If so how do you like it? Would you recommend it??

Cordless drill wise, I've been using numerous variations of the 18 volt Milwaukee cordless for about 12 years, the latest one took a 20+ foot drop last week and it didn't really fare all that well from the drop. The last version of the Milwaukee 18 volt, is the only tool I have in that battery design.

Aside from the cordless drill , the only other cordless tool I own and use is the Metabo Grinder.

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Your not going to see to many people here that have a bunch of Metabo cordless experience here. If you find Wayne around here has used Metabo tools before I haven't seen him around in awhile though. Metabo just isn't a huge brand over here it does help that Lowes is now selling Metabo tools online. From what I have heard Metabo has some of the best battery pack and charger design out there 5.2ah and actively air cooled while charging.


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Sorry Platypus, all I've got is the 3-1/2" corded sander. Awesome fine sander. Metabo is a well known brand outside of the US with many of their tools being made in Germany which is arguably the best manufacturer of tools (I'm a festool guy). Wayne Burgess is a moderator here and is a big Metabo guy and he lives in the UK. Honestly, I'd love to try the new 18v stuff coming out from them,

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Wayne, who rarely posts anymore, was a big supporter of Metabo. In all fairness, we've had several Metabo guys here over time and I've never really heard anyone say anything negative aside from limited availability in the US.

I wouldn't hesitate to go with a Metabo drill.

Also, Ridgid's corded grinders are OEM'd by Metabo.

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