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Samuel L.

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I have to say one of my favorites is the dewalt drill and driver kit. If it were not for that I would have never found TIA, that thing showed me that cordless tools are no longer under powered with big heavy batteries that clonk out after a year.


It was also brand new on the classified adds and I picked it up for 100$.

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everything is pretty organized

That is because I spent a bit of time on the drawers where every thing is all together because they get messed when I open and close the drawers because I need to get drawer liners.


And you didn't see the bottom drawer, we don't talk about the bottom drawer.

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What's the make on that socket set?


Its a Mastercraft Maximum 320 piece socket set it retails for 600$ but it comes on sale for 180$.


Its pretty nice my one complaint is that the sizes are laser etched and not engraved, it makes them easier to see but I feel like they will rub off eventually, and I will have to go in to get new ones, but with lifetime warranty it makes it easy.

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ya Canadian Tire, big store for tools here in Canada......some of their tool line will not compete with the big companies but most of their tools are going to be more than good enough for the DIYer nice thing about Mastercraft is the store has many tools 50%-70% off from week to week their Maximum line is better yet......for example I don't need a $400 belt sander for the amount I use one but if I buy the Mastercraft belt sander @ 60% off for $39.95 its worth having just in case 

Their wrenches and socket sets will hold up to pretty much the best out there for a fraction of the cost........

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