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Got some overtime in at work today & the company took delivery of this beast..
Its a nice cordless hammer drill to be fair,I've only been using it for door stops (7mm sds bit) but its great,still wondering how it would compare to the 18v version

I've got a 7 second video but i don't know how to make it smaller on the mac

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Just some info... No doubt Hilti is good but Dewalt is good as well

Dewalt DCH363M2

Hand/Arm Vibration - Drilling 7.1 m/s² ~ about 155 min of worktime pr day.

Impact energy (EPTA 05/2009) 2.3 J ~ less then Hilti

Weight 4.1 kg. ~ less then Hilti

Battery Capacity 4.0 Ah ~ less then Hilti ( Dewalt got 5Ah)


Hilti. TE 30-A36

Triaxial vibration value for hammer drilling into concrete (ah,HD) 11 m/s² ~ about 100 min of worktime pr day

Single impact energy 3.6 J. ~ more then Dewalt

Weight 5.5 kg. ~ more then Dewalt

Battery capacity 6 Ah. ~ more then Dewalt


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Kwc you forget the price!!don't know about dewalt but our(we are a cooperative)hilti with 2 6ah battery cost us more than 2000 euro()!yeah you got good assistance if you have any problems and a life warranty on some parts but 2000 euro like we say in Italy can make the water go up on the stairs...glad to see some dansk people in here!love Denmark!thanks for the info about hilti.

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Hand/Arm Vibration - Drilling 6.6 m/s² ~ about 275 min worktime pr day

Impact energy (EPTA 05/2009) 2.1 J

Weight 3.1 kg

Battery Capacity 4.0 Ah


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