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dry wall cut out tool as a dremel

Alan m

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hi there.

I am thinking about getting one of those dry wall cut out tools. like a rotozip . probable the dewalt or Makita cordless .


first of all are they worth it.


second can they be used with other cutters like the dremel.


occasionally I fix drywall damage. if it small I use a hole saw but if its bigger I have to cut it out with a jab saw etc.

some times I work for an electrician helping him 1st fix . I have to cut strips out of the drywall to drop wires down


some times I use my dremel (corded) to adjust  door lock parts that are catching or tile that is overhanging the screw holes etc


would one of those dry wall tools work for jobs like this



thanks Alan

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I have a Fein multi master . its great but a bit slow on drywall. and the blades are expensive (although I use older ones for drywall)


I use my dremel for taking  a small bit off things here and there. often in metal.


I use my dremel for things my multimaster cant do



I would buy the rotozip but I would like a cordless version and to stay in the dewalt line or the Makita when I buy into it

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I can't see any reason that a cordless cutout tool couldn't double as a "dremmel" tool.. you won't have the variable speed that most rotary tools have but to be honest I usually run mine full speed anyway..

my Milwaukee m12 rotary tool maxes out at 32000rpm. The Makita I'd 30000rpm and the dewalt is 26000rpm. I'd say they all have plenty of speed to spin a little cutoff wheel or grinding bit.

They are a bit more bulky that's the only drawback I can see but it's not necessarily even a drawback. It is nice to have one tool to do both jobs

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