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Got that itch, you know?


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So I've managed to resist the temptation of buying the Dewalt cordless 16g nailer thus far but damn it. That itch is getting stronger, I don't even need one yet. Won't be trimming the houses I'm currently working on for at least another 2 months. I just want it but, its 2015!! Where is that 20v darn it!!! I'm a toolaholic, once the itch develops I gotta have it lol...I'm pretty sure Dewalt is going to release a 20v version this year but the waiting is killing me. I know that the odds are after buying one Dewalt will release the updated version the following week or something.


One sad thought is that when the 20v finish nailer does finally come out, it might just suck and its predecessor will still be 10x better so I should of got it all along.


Venting done, thanks guys.

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I think you will be safe waiting for the new version. It will probably be much better and smaller than the old version. The only thing is you do have a 90 day return policy if you buy it from Lowes or Home Depot. It might be awhile before it gets released though there was a picture up for a short time of a rapid prototyped version of the nailer. That's one tool Dewalt tool a little too long to release a 20v version.

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my dealer assures me it should be here around July here in Europe.


he got in a few of the older ones for a customer that needed them. I was going to buy one there and then  but he talked me into waiting.


I have my small compressor and bostitch nailer  so its not too bad.

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