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Which M18 Fuel SDS drill would you get


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I want to bite the bullet and get a sds drill. The big 1 1/8" big boy or would you go with the smaller 1"? It's only 50 dollars more for the big one. I might get the M12 fuel down the road possibly so weight isn't a huge concern.





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I would say go with the 1 1/8. That way you will never regret not going bigger.. based off the depot specs the 1 1/8 has almost twice the impact energy of the 1" 3.3 vs 1.7 ft lbs. That's huge.. you might sacrifice a bit of runtime but I'm sure you have enough batteries to keep you working all day

maybe you don't plan on drilling bigger than 1" but the 1 1/8 should drill everything faster and will really shine when you want to do any chipping or tile removal etc.

go big or go home!!

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go big or go home!!

agreed! go with the 1 1/8 !

i made the same decision man.

Bosch 11255VSR Bulldog Xtreme - 1-Inch - 7.5amp motor - 2.2 ft lbs


Bosch RH228VC Bulldog Xtreme Max - 1 1/8 Inch - 8 amp motor - 2.4 ft lbs + Vibration Control!

bought the xtreme max.

my big point was the VC



ok with your 2 choices, there is a big difference in ft lbs.

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In my opinion it depends on what you're going to drill? If you are going to buy a large drill, I think you should go with the 1 1/8" model personally. However, if you are just going to drill tapcons in all day, I don't see why the cordless 5/8" wouldn't work. Anyone tried the dust extractor kit?

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