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Hi From Apex, NC


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Hi all.


So I've been lurking and occasionally responding but I just realized that I never bothered to introduce myself - terribly rude.


Anyway, I live in Apex, NC (just outside of Raleigh).  I'm a software architect with an obsession for building and fixing things - both computer based and in the real world, though DIY has been consuming all of my free time and extra brain cycles of late.


About a year ago, I built some shelves in my shed and built a sheet metal chalkboard for my kids.  It was that second job that led me to realize the my old 18v Dewalt drill and screwdriver just weren't cutting it anymore.  I was looking really closely at the new Dewalt 20v and the Milwaukee M18 lines and just couldn't make up my mind until the plumber left an M18 light behind while fixing my well.  When I called him to return it, he told me to keep it and I guess I took that as a sign that I needed to go red :D


Well, a year later and my tool collection has grown to include a 12" SCMS, M18 Fuel Hammer Drills and Impact driver, M12 Fuel Impact and drills, right angle drill, M12 Fuel screwdriver, M18 Fuel circular saw, M18 caulk gun, blower, rotary tool, just about every light that Milwaukee makes and enough batteries to keep everything running.  I haven't even mentioned the endless hand tools that seem to hop into my cart every time I hit up HD.  I can honestly say that everything actually gets used regularly - no showroom shiny tools here.  I really ought to put it all together for a family portrait some day when it's sunny outside.


Anyway, it seems like I'm rebuilding my house from the inside out these days (who puts drywall in a crawlspace?!?!  Oh - the same person that drywalls the attic floor).  I'm more than happy to call in a pro when I need to, but I have a real problem paying someone $400 to install two wall heaters right next to existing outlets (yes, that was a real quote I got).



I've greatly enjoyed the TIA vids and the threads on these boards and I look forward to the discussions.








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Welcome to the forum (officially) glad you tooK the time to introduce yourself!! It's always cool to know a little about who were talking to.

your plumber deserves a metal for leading you away from yellow and into red! Excellent decision there.. however something is telling me that your plumber overcharges quite a bit if his m18 lights and batteries are disposable!!! (That or it was his bosses and he just didn't give a sh!t! Haha)

great collection of tools, see you around..


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