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Festool CXS and T18 Overview


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hey guys, I was asked to do a quick overview of my Festool drills. I thought I'd share the video with you guys too. Hope you like it and feel free to ask questions. Sorry about the broke. Parts, I have no idea how to edit the videos!

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I wish I could afford Festool, but I would have to see some body parts first. I really like the diffent chucks they have and how well everything is organized. i think i would buy the tracksaw or cxs drill first. If i bought into the system. Great little overview Chris

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The videos were fine. Not every video on youtube has to be professional, in fact I like seeing stuff of both kinds.


As far as the tools go, I have the CXS and the T-18 and that's it. I very much would like that Centrotec Installers set, though I would prefer one with both SAE and metric sizes and both the brad point bits and the Zorbo bits, and so many other Festools. But I'm disabled and very broke, it took a long time to save up for what I have but I'm trying to build a place to live and I needed decent drill/drivers desperately. I have an older Dewalt 14.4V (American made) drill but the batteries had such a short life and I couldn’t afford to keep getting new batteries for it and the new Dewalts are made in slave labor countries like china and mexico so I was saving up for a long time for a Milwaukee, but about the time I had enough saved they also sold out to slavery. So I did the research and determined that Festool was the only power tool manufacturer who wasn’t using any slave labor and I got a CXS and I haven’t had any problems with it and I think it was a much wiser investment which should last far longer than any of the slave labor junk.

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Miley, I'm sorry to hear that sir. I couldn't agree more about the quality of that CXS. I love that machine. I use it all the time. I also have a U.S. Built DCD985 from Dewalt. She ain't pretty, she's big and heavy but like our U.S. Girls, she has a great grip and one heck of a bite! Great powerful machine that hammer!

John and Chad, thanks guys! I appreciate you watching!

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