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new bosch items this year


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during the bosch tour event in ontario and montclair i could talk to one of the reps and he told me,

that Bosch is thinking about releasing their Track Saw here in the states.

Also he mentioned that they gonna have a couple new radios with bluetooth and all kinds of new features coming out this year.

sounds promising !!!

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the deluxe powerbox is still available just not here because they didnt sell so many...

same with the cet4-20w (the 4gallon air compressor on wheels)

A friend wanted it, but people wanted crazy money for it on eBay or other places so he settled for the smaller one. He actually got rid of it when he switched over to Milwaukee and he got the Milwaukee bluetooth radio. I might have pushed him in that direction.

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I want to get my hands on the 12v brushless impact driver! I would be curious to take a look at a new radio, but the Powerbox still has some of the best features out there!

Me too! I love my 12v impact and think the brushless would be a nice upgrade!

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This year just in tool buying general I would like to finish my impact wrench buying, I'm almost covered on all the sized and cordless sds, portaband a nice barrel grip jig saw and a dust collector. Oh I also want a bench grinder I'm debating on if I should go high end right away, or cheap. It's not going to get tons on use mostly just random blade sharpening. I'm thinking about just getting a cheap Ryobi.

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