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HD Deal of the day 04.28.2015 - TruFuel


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Dr, if you dont have anything that runs mix your probably fine.. the fact that the straight gas is ethanol free is the real plus.. 

the real benefit for me is the 50:1 mix     i go through quite a bit of this stuff throughout the year and it is so much more convenient to me to just grab a can than have to play chemist every time i need mix gas. 


I just grabbed 2 cases of the 50:1 and 2 cases of the 4 cycle straight gas, i have never used the straight gas before but i think i will use it to prep my gas engines for storage




Thanks for the heads up, this is a great deal!!

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The ethanol free part is tempting but I haven't had any huge ethanol problems now that I know how to deal with it. It's still a hassle. I just wish a few stations would just sell ethanol free gas.

A station in Durand, MI sells ethanol free gas.

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