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Start em young & teach em right

Maxwell Tyler Ray

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Congratulations Man! Nixon is an awesome name. Hope your getting some sleep, or your eyes will be turning Milwaukee Red as well lol. Oh, if you haven't mastered the swaddle yet, don't worry, it took me about a month to get it right haha. Take care man, you must be on top of the world now

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Thanks guys definitely a great feeling and certainly give you something to live/work for!!

I've actually do a pretty good and right swaddle but he's a wiggle worn and has broke out in ab 10mins or so if he does fall asleep first!!

And I'm definitely guy make him a Milwaukee onesie..mile put a little TIA on there!!

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Awww, your a great father, I think its really nice that you do stuff like that for him. Not many dads in the picture in so many families. Not only are you in the picture, you are actively trying your best to be the best dad you can. I am going to give you the gold coin of excellence haha

Haha thanks man!!

Ive always been good with kids and now I have my own its jus natural to get in there and be hands on..couldn't imagine it any other way!!(:

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