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Show me your Makita collection!


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Hello Guys ! 


Very interested here in what Makita gear you guys are running :)  If yo can spare me the time for some pics !


I'll go first:




There's the ventilator ( really love it these days :P )

Cirk saw DHS670

DHR243 BL rotary hammer with the vacuum attachment

An older BDF452 Combi dril

King of all impacts DTD148 

Brushless grinder DGA504

The compact recip saw DJR183

Track ( for use with the cordless cirk saw )

The radio

Heated jacket for the winters




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And this is not really my personal collection with my responsibility and personal toy store !


It's the hardware store where i work.  Makita is my main responsability there :)


As you can see we have quite a large selection of Makita Tools stocked so if anyone needs a closer look / small video on any of these tools.  Let me know !!



Angle grinders, Rotary hammers, Hammer drills, etc...



Petrol cut off saws.    There's the super compact EK6100 300mm.  Then the EK7300   350mm.  Third one is the 4 stroke !  and barely visible the electric cut off saw



That's in front of the store. Mitre saws /table saws and a display with the 4 stroke combi engine with different attachments.



More mitre saws and table saws



This is our 18V cordless selection ( well one 10.8V and one 14v tool up there )



Various woodworking tools and some 18v combi kits



Diamond core drilling machines and some 18V combi kits



Cirk saws, recip saws, a few laser tools and a selection of hedge trimmers

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Chain saws and the 4stroke and 36v Combi motor with different attachments




Brush cutters, string trimmers, pressure washers and leaf blowers



Display with all battery powered garden equipment.  The empty spot on the right holds the cordless lawnmower but it's sold out for the moment



Lawn mowers and... no idea what it is called in English. Those things that remove the moss from your garden and gives the grass 'air'  ?




Yet again:  If anyone wants a close up / little vid on one of these tools. Give me a shout !

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This is my first post on the forum, thought I'd join in and share my collection. I moved from Scotland to Melbourne, Australia 6 months ago, bought a 6 piece kit when I first arrived and have been adding skins and batteries since then. Looking to add the dvc350 vacuum and the cordless sander soon then see what else makita have to offer. Possibly looking to buy the Dewalt 18v 16 gauge nailer and 18v mitre saw unless makita bring out an 18v 16 gauge nailer and a 36v (18vx2) mitre saw because I've heard from a couple of people the 18v makita saw isn't all that great (tears through material) although this may not be true!

Dtd148 Impact Driver Brushless

Dhp481 Combi Drill Brushless

Dhs680 Circular Saw Brushless

Dvj182 Jigsaw Brushless

Dga504 Angle Grinder Brushless

Dtm51 Mutli Tool

Dkp180 Planer

Dgd801 Die Grinder

Bmr102 Radio

18v Flashlight

3x 5.0 ah battery

2x 4.0 ah battery

1x1.5 ah battery

Dual Port charger

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