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Need help deciding


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Should I get the m12 fuel hackzail or the m12 brushed hackzail or the m18 hackzail. I want to use it for cutting old work boxes and cutting pipe on the jobsite. I have more m18 batteries but I do have m12 batteries just the 2.0s.

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I have the m12 hackzall, an I'm really not a big fan of it. I've used maybe a hand full of times. Maybe the fuel 12v would do better. A couple of the guys I work with have the m18 hackzall and it works just as well as normal m18 sawzall.

I know you said your wanting it for cutting boxes in, but as far as cutting pipe I'd definitely recommend the m12 bandsaw. One xc battery will last about 2 days, and that running an average of 200 feet of 3/4 or 1" emt a day.

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Sorry it's probably help if I atleast said why I didn't care the the m12 hackzall. It seems alil weak an drains batteries pretty quick for repeative cutting pipe. It's nice because small and light, you can get into tighter spaces than regular sawzalls. Also it's great for small quick cuts, just not for using all day every day like I had hope to use it for.

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I have them all I grab the M12 fuel because of the power and size like I posted the first time. if you have many batteries in the m18 and not as many in the m12 so be it.  you asked for first hand experience your better off with the fuel m12 

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Hi Tyler,


I have the Milwaukee M12 2420 Hackzall. This is the brushed version and not the FUEL version.


I'm not impressed with this tool. It's under powered in my opinion.

I used it to cut some screws that were a little too long.

I screwed some plywood boards together and the screws were sticking

out the back side. I decided to just cut them off using the 2420 Hackzall with

a Metal cutting Milwaukee blade and it took a bit too long for my liking. I was

expecting it to go through it like butter but It almost struggled with simple

drywall screws. Takes a long time to cut through a 2x4 as well. 


I do like the size, it's very portable and easy to use. I will be picking up the FUEL version

in the future. I received the 2420 for free when I bought the 2453 Impact Driver so I can't



My Vote:

Milwaukee M12 2520 FUEL Hackzall.

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I've got the Fuel M12 Hackzall and I had the older brushed M18. Hate the M18. Love the M12 Fuel. But....I use 4.0XC packs in my M12. I don't think the 2.0 batteries would last too long. I've got on 2.0 but never use it in my Hackzall. Really it's up to you though. Check out videos on both and look at the cost to benefits.

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alright I just made a cut through some 1/2" EMT. I used the Milwaukee EMT blade that came with the saw. It went through it pretty good I must say. This was just one cut though. I did notice a bit of vibration, that might be a concern. I'm not an Electrician and I don't cut EMT all the time. As for cutting out plaster, I don't have any here but I think it would get the job done. 


Hope that helped out a bit. I would still hold out for the FUEL version

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