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Satellite TV- Any other Installers?


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I am a Technician contractor for DirecTV and Dish Network, Very knowledgeable so if you have any questions about either Companies ask away. also did some preliminary searching and i could not find any posts about Sat TV techs, so if you are one post away! would love to network and share stories and work.   

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DirectTV got crazy expensive by the end of my contract 111 bucks for just the basics. The problem is the nickle and dime you on everything plus they hit you with that contract. From the fees for the receivers to a 10 dollar HDTV fee come on its 20friggin15! we shouldn't have to pay extra for hd channels!!! Its crazy how expensive cable/sat tv has gotten now. People in their 20's are not paying for it anymore because of the cost and they don't make enough to afford it or justify it. They really need to rethink things and drop the prices but try to increase the number of customers they have.

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I have directv now, I love it, had Comcast before and the bill was just ridiculous, besides their customer service was horrible. Any way you go your going to pay after the contract ends and I hate switching because the installers they send out never do what you want them to do. I told the directv guy when you run the Coax in, I want in ran into s junction box I already have. No, this moron runs a hole on the other side of the stud so know I have a hack job without re running the line. But all in all in terms of channels they are all about the same.


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