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Bosch 12v impact and drill


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I believe I have the same kit.  I love them.  They are so compact you can get them in a lot of places which is the main reason i got them.  They seem to have plenty of power for what I am doing too.  I got mine at Lowes too for $129 because someone mislabeled them with a sale sticker.  The guy working in the tool department didn't want to give it to me for that price, but I got a manager and he said it was their fault and sold them to me for that price.  I didn't have the heart to tell the guy that I was going to buy them at full price anyway.

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been using these a lot the past week and I love them both, im really happy I went with this set, I will be buying the PS41 ? I think that's the number, its the hex shank drill driver (similar size to the impact) anyways been using these for setting screws into cabinets and making pocket holes. loving them. haven't used the M12's but I have the ridgids and I must say the bosch has that little extra... the ridgids have more torque but are bigger... so I will use the combo of them all for around the house or on the job.

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Chewie I think your talking about the PS21 which is the screwdriver which I HAVE used. That is an awesome little gun. Better yet you can get the PS22 which is the brushless version of that gun.....



I am down to my Milwaukee M12 Fuel impact and my CXS set. I use the CXS for pretty much everything. If I was going to got with a whole fleet of new 12v I would more likely than not go Bosch though. My Fuel is an awesome impact or and I love the chuck on it. I've got the Hackzall Fuel which in my opinion is the finest made mini recip available. The biggest thing with the Fuel lineup is the tools themselves are actually quite large compared to the non Fuel tools. Not a big deal but ..... Bosch still has the best lineup of woodworking 12v tools available. They now offer a really nice barrel grip jig and a circular saw that you can get from Amazon via their UK site. They don't have all of the specialized tools that Milwaukee has but they have more woodworking tools all around in the 12v lineup. Really well made tools and I believe they are the second largest lineup of 12v tools available beside Milwaukee.

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