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Dewalt 1030 radial arm saw


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Yea its cool this lumber yard hasn't really changed since it opened back in the late 50's, great for quick things, unfortunately their lumber prices are rather stiff, but its awesome getting some wood, and the guys pull out 16 footers and cut them down on the dewalt RAS. Next time I stop in there Ill grab some pics, don't go there too often though.

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Wow that looks like one of the saws my grandfather owns. Lol well I guess I own it now but it's just waiting for me to go pick it all up. My grandfather is 90 and has a whole workshop in his basement just waiting for me to pickup from his house 6 hours away

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Probably not the ideal tools for your carpentry job?

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I've got my Dad's Craftsman RAS and that thing to this day still scares the crap out of me. I haven't set it up and truthfully don't have the heart to deep 6 it. Right now it's a storage shelf in my shed :(

You and me both Chris, I have a craftsman 10" electronic ras and of all the things in the shop, that thing has brought me more memorable moments and not in a good way, you have to know a saws limitations lol.

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