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My new dewalt miter saw


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I was planning on getting the Bosch 12" dual bevel sliding miter saw. No rush so just didn't get it yet.

I usually don't shop lowes, however was there. Seen three dewalt dsw780 being put out on clearance. Couldn't resist picking up all three. I am keeping one an put two online locally. Within a hour I got a call from a guy saying he would take both. Meeting him tonight, hopefully it works out.

I wanted the Bosch but for the massive savings this saw is fine. Its just gonna be for around the house work an probably some flooring eventually.

My luck usually isn't this good. Today is a good day :)

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Thanks guys an it deffintly was a steal of a deal. As jbw55 said it deffintly was right place at right time.

Just played with the saw for a few minutes. I had treated 4x4 post in the garage an some, treated fence pickets, 1x12 pine and more of that particle board in the picture. It cut all very well an acurately.

Before I moved to Utah I had a Bosch 10" miter saw but it wasn't sliding. For home I had a giant old dewalt radial arm saw. Both were great, but now I need something taking less space then the radial arm but more capacity then just a standard miter saw. I wouldn't mind a big radial arm saw but no room. Realistically I can do everything I need on this Dewalt.

I am very pleased am so far love the saw. Looking for many years of usel

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