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My tools and racking


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I use the term locksmith in a lose term , that's what I served my apprenticeship in , but I do lots of things connected with security , 1 job could be fitting a lock to a aluminium door , next job making a new wooden door on site so it's quite varied plus I get sent around the country on short notice so I need to have all my tools to hand

The toughbox power box , I used to keep a 110 box and leads etc in a Ds 400 , it was a pain to pack and in pack it , so I put a auto real lead in there , hard wired the 110 transformer , and fitted sockets etc on the out side , I'll post some mor pics

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Ideas are to be nicked ;)


I like the buffalo ply. It holds up well, but it's quite expensive. Another downside, it makes the interior even more dark, so you need some good lighting, but I see you got that covered.


Good one on the draw unit. I should've done that too. I only have one drawer, but now kinda miss having more.

Next time I'm gonna do some things differently. Surely more space for Toughboxes! 


Do you have a picture from the inside of the powerbox?

Also, how do you like that Bahco Ergo handsaw? I have the Stanley one, but they stopped selling it over here. Buying the blades from Germany now, but maybe going with Bahco in the end as I can get blades from the local suppliers here.

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On 5. september 2016 at 10:02 AM, midogrumpy said:

Kenneth Denmark

different topic

doyou know when the ebrochure incl. flexvolt will be available on the web site ?

overdue ! (Sept.1)

Germany released the ebrochure lastweek



No sorry.. But soon I think 

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