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Wenzi Box The Beginning......


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so I started the wenzi box, also known as a tongue drum or slit drum......they can be made any way you like really 1 box 2 or 3 all depends on style you want. this time I went for a larger box that will make a nice center piece......the larger box incorporates a base as well from the sides..... on either side of the keys. This box has 9 different keys as you can see .....

you can make these boxes with any kind of wood but the denser the better hardwood of some kind.....for best tones padauk ( african redwood ) works best. these boxes can be tuned very easily by removing material from the front or back of the key on the bottom side before you close the box to match the chords.

as you can see in the picture I have it all ready to go .....80 grit sanding is done now on to 120 then 240 and finally 480 grit before the stain. in this box the padauk will only be cleared and the bleached maple will get stained.......here is what I have so far, I have 2 pics one with a close up of the keys, they are kinda hard to see  (very fine) but in person and when finished they will stand out....... 





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That's Sweet!  Nice choice of woods, looking forward to seeing how the stain will look.  I have a book somewhere on making wooden instruments, Steve Ramsey has a video on making a finger piano, a tongue drum and some other wooden instruments.  Will you be doing a video on how it sounds?



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