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Greetings from TheAtomTwister


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Hello TIA and all of the tool guys here, TheAtomTwister here, I'm a physicist, circuit and computer craftsman, computer programmer, and leaf blower hobbyist who literally turns into a hurricane when he gets angry. It looks like I'm really going to enjoy this forum and am proud to be part of it. I am TheAtomTwister and QuestionXV on YouTube, I'm one of the guys who REALLY wants to see a leaf blower tool fight when the waterfall of new tools slows a bit.


For that tool fight, I think that... hell, you blow off the driveway all the time, you could just bag up a whole enormous load of leaves and completely cover your driveway and see how fast blowers clear the driveway, and Dan, when you get mad at Eric, you just blow him in the face :D.


Some blowers that might be involved... 


EGO Power+ blower 

Greenworks 80V Pro blower 

DeWalt 40VMax  blower 

DeWalt 20V axial blower

Makita 36V axial blower


Just for laughs, Husqvarna 580BTS


Now, of course, we don't want this to be boring. I'll bet you guys can think of some other way to really test these blowers. Leaves, debris... Show which blower gets the job done best... You'll think of something fun.  :D





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